School of Law

The School of Law holds prestigious recognition as a BCI-accredited institution, making it a preferred choice for legal education in India. We meet BCI’s high standards for academic excellence, infrastructure, and faculty, ensuring our graduates are eligible to practice law in India. Our program offers abundant opportunities for students to extend their education beyond traditional classrooms. Activities like moot court competitions and socially relevant projects expose students to diverse legal environments.

We welcome enthusiastic and motivated students to join us and embark on a rewarding career path through our exceptional legal education. Our unique approach combines academic rigor with practical experience. Our innovative curriculum emphasizes legal reasoning, critical analysis, and ethical judgment. We provide personalized instruction in analytical thinking, writing, drafting, teamwork, negotiation, and oral advocacy. We offer a comprehensive legal education that prepares students for success in the dynamic world of legal affairs.

Latest at ADYPU

A cohort of forty students of Law embarked on an educational expedition to the Maharashtra Judicial Academy in Thane, Maharashtra.

Educational Tour

The students embarked on an insightful educational journey to the District and Session Court in Pune, Maharashtra. 

Pune District Court

The School of Law had the honor of hosting Deepti Dole, a distinguished authority in the field of corporate law, for an enlightening guest lecture.

Corporate Law

The 3-day Y20 ceremony, from 28th to 30th July 2023, was an extravaganza of 7000 participants engaging in enriching cultural experiences, including expert sessions, technology workshops, scholarly key addresses, and captivating conversations with renowned industry leaders and youths today.

Y20 Event

The Impetus event was a 3-day sports thrill of intense competitions as students showcased their talent with teamwork, skills, and excitement. From basketball to cricket, the campus was abuzz as teams and fans came together to create an atmosphere of unity and support. It spanned from 9th to 11th October 2023.


The Ablaze event was a vibrant celebration of our cultural diversity with dance, music, and art competitions nationwide. Our talented learners engaged in thought-provoking discussions, exhibitions, and performances that dived into the beauty of diverse traditions and perspectives. The 2-day event took place on 12th and 13th October 2023. 


The HR Conclave, ‘Digital Transformation in HR’, featuring esteemed experts, including M. Karunakaran, CFO of Shoppers Stop Ltd. was organized by the ADYPU School of Management on 5th April 2023. It emphasized the vital role of behavioral skills, attitude, motivation, and technical knowledge in employability and entrepreneurship.

HR Conclave

School of Law: core features

BCI Accreditation

The Bar Council of India (BCI) accreditation is a hallmark of the School of Law's commitment to providing quality legal education. BCI accreditation ensures that the institution complies with the standards set by the regulatory body for legal education in India. Graduates from BCI-accredited law schools are eligible to enroll as practicing advocates in India.

Practical Training

Practical training is a fundamental aspect of the School of Law's educational approach. Students engage in activities such as moot court competitions, mock trials, and legal clinics, which provide hands-on experience in legal practice. This practical training equips students with the skills necessary to excel in legal professions.

Innovation Focus

The School of Law's commitment to innovation reflects the recognition that the legal field is continuously evolving. Innovations in technology, business practices, and social dynamics require legal professionals to adapt and find creative solutions to complex issues.

Expert Faculty

The School of Law boasts a team of experienced and dedicated faculty members who play a pivotal role in shaping students' legal education. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the classroom, providing students with insights into real-world legal scenarios.

Ethics and Professionalism

Ethics and professionalism are core values instilled in students at the School of Law. Understanding the importance of integrity and ethical conduct in the legal profession, the institution emphasizes the highest standards of ethics and professionalism throughout students' education. This includes ethical decision-making, maintaining client confidentiality, and upholding the principles of justice.

Research and Analysis

Legal research and analysis are fundamental skills taught at the School of Law. Students are encouraged to delve into legal issues, explore precedents, and conduct in-depth analysis of cases and legal principles. This emphasis on research and analysis equips students with the ability to understand complex legal problems, formulate persuasive arguments, and make informed decisions.


ADYPU School of Law offers a robust placement program with diverse opportunities:

  • Partnerships: Strong ties with legal firms, corporations, and government bodies create varied placement prospects.
  • Internships: Emphasis on internships throughout the curriculum builds practical experience and job connections.
  • Preparation: Pre-placement training equips students with interview and soft skills.
  • Moot Courts: Participation in moot courts and mock trials impresses potential employers.
  • Legal Clinics: Students gain hands-on experience through legal clinics, often leading to job offers.
  • On-Campus Drives: Recruiters visit campus for direct hiring, simplifying the job search process.
  • Alumni Network: A supportive alumni network provides mentorship and job referrals.
  • Global Focus: International opportunities expand career prospects beyond India.
  • Career Support: Comprehensive services include counseling, job notifications, and networking.
  • Corporate Collaborations: Collaborations with corporations and law firms offer corporate law exposure.

ADYPU School of Law ensures graduates are well-prepared and connected for successful legal careers.

What our Alumni Speaks

Welcome to the ‘Alumni Speaks’ section of the School of Law. Here, we proudly present the voices and stories of our accomplished alumni who have walked the halls of ADYPU and emerged as successful legal professionals and leaders in their respective fields. In this segment, our students share their valuable insights and personal journeys, offering a glimpse into their remarkable achievements.

Through ‘Alumni Speaks,’ we aim to inspire, motivate, and enlighten current students and aspiring legal professionals by showcasing real-world success stories.

Join us in delving into our alumni’s unique paths, challenges, and triumphs as they recount their professional growth, contributions to the legal community, and the enduring impact of their education received at the School of Law. Their stories serve as living testimonials to the transformative power of legal education and the boundless possibilities that await those who embark on this academic journey with us.